From Bread-maker to Bread-winner

Traditionally, males in relationships are considered to hold the breadwinner role, whilst the females are assigned the home-maker (or bread-maker!) role. Rightly or wrongly, this stereotype has dominated for many years.

Until now.

Social studies are demonstrating a rising trend in female breadwinners in the UK. Over the last 15 years these studies demonstrate that female breadwinners have increased by a staggering, and commendable, 80%.

Sadly, divorce rates in the UK are also on the up. The shift in the financial power play has left many divorcing couples wondering where they stand in relation to their financial settlement. Should a career woman be expected to support a stay at home dad? Do women now occupy a dual role, as both bread winner and homemaker? If so, should they be rewarded for this in the court arena? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg for many couples considering divorce in the UK.

When making decisions in situations such as these, the courts look to the precedent set down in the landmark case of White v White. Although this case hit the headlines (and the court) in 2000, is remains the overriding guiding principle in relation to contributions by spouses in terms of breadwinner and homemaker. The objective is to ensure the financial settlement is fair to both spouses and the contribution of the homemaker will be viewed as equal to that of the breadwinner, regardless of gender.

The courts will encourage parties to work and attain their own income after divorce. However, if one party has sacrificed their career to allow the other party to forge their successful pathway, this must not be underestimated.

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